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February 7, 2024

What do we mean by creating a 2-way street with customers?

The modern customer is very different to customers of the past. Never before has there been such a large amount of information available to the customer every minute of every hour of every day.

The average attention span of a person is decreasing rapidly. Between 2000 and 2015 attention span dropped from 12 to 8.5 seconds so competition for a customers time and attention is getting fiercer by the day.

When we look at traditional ways that brands are communicating with their customers, we see brands constantly looking to sell to their customers. Every interaction is either a special offer, a last-minute deal, or other reasons why the person on the other end of the screen needs to drop everything their are doing to make a purchase right this second.

But is this really an effective strategy?

Sure, by constantly bombarding your consumer with “unbeatable deals” you will get a sugar-rush like increase in purchase in the short term. But in the long term, a brand doing this will seem predatory to the consumer, prompting the opposite of the behavior that the brand is trying to cultivate.

Think back to a time when someone you really didn’t want to speak to kept nagging you every time you two crossed paths. This one-way purchase focused relationship feels exactly the same way for customers. They begin looking for ways out of communications, which is not what your brand is looking to achieve.

By creating a 2 way street with customers, Bubblehouse is looking to change the balance of powers in communications between customers and brands. We strive to create a way for customers to be able to achieve what they want to within the brand and be rewarded for it.

Bubblehouse’s loyalty infrastructure revolves around creating a long term relationship between the customer and the brand. By completing various activities with the brand, whether they are votes, quizzes, specific purchases, attending necessary events, going to certain business locations, or any other recordable actions, customers are able to see their progression towards certain collectibles.

By having the ability to choose which achievements your client wants to unlock or which activities they want to engage in, your client is able to develop a personal relationship with your brand. By giving you client certain control over the benefits and actions they can take with your brand, you create a more equal relationship between the brand and client, where it does not feel to the client like they are being sold to constantly.

One other benefit of implementing a loyalty system that offers more long term interaction opportunities with the client is that the client contues to interact with the brand on a prolonged period of time. You are able to ensure that the brand continues to be on the mind of the customer are they continue progressing through the checkpoints little by little on their way to different rewards.

With Bubblehouse’s rewards and achievements being very customizable, you can create a system where the customer is being rewarded for certain very quick actions continuously, to allow their dopamine levels to rise faster, whilst also implementing some achievements that take more steps to complete, but which unlock a greater reward, so that your customer continues to be engaged.

To get a deeper understanding on how your brand can leverage Bubblehouse’s loyalty infrastructure, feel free to schedule a quick 15-minute call with our team and we can dive into a brainstorm with you!

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