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February 7, 2024

Loyalty’s next frontier: personalized assets with brand specific benefits

How many of you are numb to the “BUY 100 USD GET 5 USD OFF NEXT PURCHASE” promotions? We see it everywhere. Or the “15% OFF FIRST ORDER” pop up that bombards your face before you can even figure out what the site is selling.

Loyalty solutions have sunk down the rabbit hole of discounting to the bone, dragging brand value and reputation with it.

So many fall to the temptations of a short term dopamine rush that comes from a bump in sales from a discount offer, while long term health effects on brand are swept under the rug.

It’s like drinking — feels great for a while but you’ll surely get the hangover in the morning, and it takes work (or a work out) to get back on track. Once in a while it’s fine, but too much and you’re in a downward spiral.

But who says you can’t have both — who says you can’t engage your customers creatively and in a way that boosts revenue, while still preserving dignity in the brand. A tough problem perhaps, but one that is now solvable.

This is the sentiment of the marketing officers of brands across industries. How to engage while boosting brand value and revenue, not sacrificing brand value for short term revenue. And we’re here to offer you a new perspective on the issue.

The solution is personalized loyalty, and more specifically we’ll talk about the ones that reward specific behavior, rather than everyone all the same.

Compare the following scenarios. In the first, you’re telling everyone there’s a site wide 30% discount on dresses. In the second, if you have bought a dress in the past, you are awarded the Dress Queen digital asset on your profile, which grants you the special benefit of receiving a 30% discount on dresses.

Both achieve the same goal of driving revenue, but with very different brand effects. The first sounds like a discount store. The second makes the customer feel special and boosts her identity with the brand, since she is now identified as Dress Queen, and has the unique price perk others don’t. She appreciates the brand more. It drives engagement, revenue, and brand value simultaneously, without sacrificing one for another.

This is the new dimension of loyalty, and we’re seeing its effects play out already with brands implementing solutions like this from fashion to food. This is one example of so many that can leverage personalized loyalty solutions that both drive revenue and boost brand value.

We’d love to learn more about your brand and offer thoughts on how solutions like this can help you drive revenue, engagement, and retention. Visit bubblehouse.com, we’d love to chat on a 15 min call.

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