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February 7, 2024

Listening to customers: why it matters

Customer expectations, experiences, and perceptions go hand in hand with the value of your brand in your customers’ eyes. Missing the mark when your customers are expecting more of you is a key consideration when it comes to customers staying with your brand or switching to a competitor.

A recent study has shown that 43% of customers would consider switching brands after a only a single bad customer service experience.

In an age of endless choice and opportunities, listening to and understanding your customers’ needs and wants is becoming a number one priority to make sure they keep the customer base that they have worked so hard to get.

In this article we’ll look into the key reasons why it’s so important to listen to your customers and what results that can lead to:

Reduce customer churn

The situation all brands find themselves in now is that customer acquisiton is becoming ever more expensive so brands must find ways to make sure that the customers they already have continue to be loyal to their brand. U.S. companies are at risk of losing $1.9 trillion in customer revenue due to poor customer service, which means that brands are not spending the time and effort needed to have personnel who will make the customers’ concerns feel valued and deal with.

Increase customer loyalty

Even though churn is inevitable for pretty much every brand, it’s important to understand that just like negative customer experiences make customers look for alternative solution providers, the opposite is also true. Keep your customers wanting to interact with your team and they will reward you with wanting to continue be a part of their brand.

Negative product experiences that customers have are an opportunity for you to show the true values that your brand has. You can spin a negative event into a positive event very quickly, if you have professional Customer Service Representative who will cater to the needs of the customer. A customer wants to feel secure when they are making a purchase, and by offering quality post-purchase support, your customer will always be more comfortable buying from you, than from someone who is untested and unproven in how they deal with customer issues.

Find opportunities to cross-sell

If a customer is experiencing issues and they call in, you now have another opportunity on your hands to speak directly to them. By listening to their issues and asking important and purposeful questions, your reps will uncover opportunities to offer other products and services to your customers. For example, if a customer has a shipping issue and your company has a paid plan which will always give them Free Priority Shipping on any order, use the opportunity that presents itself when you deal with their complaint, to offer up a paid service that will forever alleviate their pain and bring in extra revenue for your company.

Convert customers into brand ambassadors

Psychological effects stemming from person-to-person interactions cannot be forgotten. Much like a frustrating conversation with a customer service rep will leave you in a bad mood for some time, a conversation where all your needs were addressed and you were heard will leave you in a positive frame of mind. Such experiences and brand memories are perfect reasons why customers may choose to recommend brands to their peers and family.

Think of every customer service interaction as a way to make one more person happy with your brand, as it is those emotions that you make want to recommend things to people that you care about.

If you want to find new ways of gathering customer feedback embedded into other loyalty tools for your customers, book a call with us today to find out more about exclusive loyalty features available only with Bubblehouse.

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