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February 7, 2024

Bubblehouse and See|Me Partnership

Bubblehouse and See|Me are partnering together to bring about a new frontier of customer engagement and retention to See|Me.

See|Me — a socially conscious startup that was founded with the intent of serving an international community of artists and bringing visibility to their work via open calls, exhibitions, events, (partnerships), and select economic opportunities

is working together with Bubblehouse to develop a whole suite of digital assets tied around achievements tied to benefits ranging from gallery exhibition opportunities to meeting collectors, marketing relationships to features on magazines to motivate emerging artists.

Bubblehouse’s solution simply works by brands specifying achievements tied to unlocking a collectible which grants a specific experiential benefit. For example if an artist sells their first artwork (achievement), they can get a digital asset that grants them an intro conversation with a specific gallery (benefit). Or if the artist sells their first collection of paintings (achievement), they unlock access to display at a specific expo (benefit). The partnership between Bubblehouse and See|Me will work towards further assisting See|Me’s goals of showcasing talented artists to thousands of gallerists, collectors and purchasers each month.

Bubblehouse supports brands across the consumer space from e-Commerce and fashion to F&B, and art with its experiential and digital asset solution that motivates retention and rewards.

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