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February 7, 2024

5 critical eCommerce mistakes to avoid!

With the exponential growth of the eCommerce market is the growing intensity of competition. This means every marketing effort must be resourceful and effective, and mistakes must be addressed quickly before their impact becomes far-reaching.

Here are five of the most common, critical mistakes businesses are making that may help you identify your own brand’s shortcomings to tackle.

Not clarifying your target audience

As different brands serve different customers depending on their services and products, defining your target audience must be your first step to developing your marketing strategies. You can use surveys and data analytical tools to understand your customer demographic.

Only then can you tailor your advertisements, prices, and customer service to the intended audience. Keeping your focus on them will not only prevent wasting resources but also enable your business to drive increased sales by improving your campaigns according to how they are received by your target customers.

Lack of conversation

Aggressive self-promotion on your social media or website may create the opposite effect from that you desire. It is important to keep an open conversation between you and your customers to build trust and positive, personalized relationships.

To do so, you may invite your customers to provide reviews and feedback on your products or services, and be responsive to their comments on your platforms.

Forgetting your loyal customers

New businesses often focus on gaining new customers and ignore retaining their most loyal customers. However, they should strive to achieve balance between them.

In fact, retaining a customer is significantly cheaper than acquiring a new one, which can cost five to 25 times more, depending on the industry. This is because customers tend to buy repeatedly from brands they trust, and intensive resources may be required to convert potential customers to loyal customers. Additionally, loyal customers provide insight into their behavior over time, which can allow you to further tailor their marketing strategies toward them to drive more sales.

Poor user experience

Customers have lower patience and higher expectations in this rapidly evolving eCommerce market. Hence, you must deliver a seamless, pleasurable shopping experience to them.

Customers will easily turn their back if they encounter any glitches or too many advertisements and pop-ups. Your website design should give a positive impression of your business while being interactive without overwhelming the customers.

Not utilizing your data

When everything can be transformed into data today, it would be a critical loss for your business to neglect utilizing them.

Tracking data for every marketing campaign will enable you to assess its effectiveness by comparing the results to your initial target and to industry standards. The most important metrics include the conversion rate, engagement rate, click-through rate (CTR), and return on investment (ROI).

If you are interested in establishing or growing your eCommerce, check out Bubblehouse for mistake-proof strategies and implementations to improve your sales and business.

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