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February 7, 2024

4 ways digital assets (a.k.a collectibles) can boost your loyalty

We are here to give you a few more ways in which you can utilize digital assets within your brand loyalty campaign! We’ve already written about this before, so make sure to check out our original article for some more ideas and suggestions on what you can do for your customers using digital assets.

Here are 4 more ways you can use collectibles to create a more compelling loyalty solution for your clients:

1) Use collectibles to boost one time activations

Arguably the simplest way to begin implementing digital assets into your brand loyalty offering is by incorporating them into some of the one-time activations that you are planning on doing with your clients. No matter if it is a store opening, a must-see webinar, or a limited-time promotion of a new product line — collectibles can be of great assistance to you!

You can now reward your consumers for engaging in brand driven events and activations by giving your customers the opportunity to collect limited-time digital assets at the activations. Through either QR-codes, time limited links, or even easter egg hunts for the opportunities to redeem, you can make getting the collectible a big part of the experience, whilst tying in any related benefits to it. For example, if your brand is launching a new product line and you are having a physical event to promote it, instead of giving discounts to try it, you can reward people who attend the unveiling event with a digital asset that allows them to get a mystery box full of different items within this collection to try out. By adding in new layers of interaction between your brand and your customers, you are making every event for them more memorable thus improving brand perception.

2) Improvise with new types of rewards — be EXPERIENTIAL!

Not every benefit that you give your customers has to be a discount. Excessively rewarding through discounts can make your brand appear less premium than you may want it to be. Especially if you are a company that has meticulously crafted a brand around everything that you release, you need to hone in on it and give people opportunities to experience this brand that you have built.

Try and experiment with other interesting benefits for your customers. Give away limited edition branded merchandise, trips to HQs, factories, or farms, arrange Zoom calls with top level executives and interesting people, release items that are only purchasable or redeemable for customers that own the collectible. There is a lot to play with when it comes to the benefits behind the digital collectibles you release. To keep the gamification aspect top of mind and to make sure that your customers are always interested in doing whatever is needed to get their hands on the latest collectible your company releases.

3) Make your digital collectible shareable — dominate social media

Digital assets give your company a unique format of content that you are able to creatively release on your company’s or your affiliates’ social media accounts. Given that collectible digital assets can take the form of any sort of artwork, you will be able to use these collectibles as part of your social media strategy and make release days anticipated by your community. The more creativity you can put into these releases, the more interesting your social media feed can become. This can also be a great way to spice up the type of content you are posting, as you can even engage the community to choose or design certain collectibles to make them more engaged with the brand.

4) Reward actions, not only purchases

Collectibles can also be used not only to reward constant purchases, but they can also be a way to push through the ideology of the brand. For purpose-driven brands, digital assets can represent an instrument which helps align their customer base to the goals that the brand wants to reach. Feel free to reward people for doing the things that matter to you and your brand!

Anything that can be recorded can become the prerequisite for issuing a collectible. There are no limitations that are imposed, so feel free to get creative about what matters the most to you! If you already have a system for reward people’s purchases, use digital assets as an opportunity to push your other objectives through. No matter whether your brand has an ESG focus, a health and wellness focus, or a historical context that you would want customers to know about — all of this can be rewarded through collectibles by implementing different challenges or aims that customers need to complete to be rewarded with it.

With this new frontier of loyalty upon us, we’re here to give you a helping hand in understanding how you can use it to your brand’s advantage. Schedule a 15-minute call with us today to learn about Bubblehouse’s collectible loyalty solution, and how easily it can be implemented into your current pipeline. Innovation begins today and your customers are ready for it!

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