Purple Guy’s Exile

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Purple Guy’s Exile
ARE U BRAVE enUF??? Join Purple Guy as he runnnnnSS away from Macho guy, and finds love, joy, and becomes the knight in sh1ning ARMOR! purple guy is a d0pe only bubblehouse verified collection inspired by TikTok creator San (a.k.a. Sansss.65). he is now coming to web 3 and u r not rdy for it. we r building coolest club ever along his journey so, if you wanna be on San’s cool AF tiktok, your NFTs may be featured. Bubblehouse Verified is a collective of upcoming projects to be promoted, launched, and verified by the Bubblehouse Team. OWN PURPLE GUY NFT = WL FOR MANY THINGS LIT AF!!!
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Sep 23, 2022
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