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LF7 Club
LF7 Club is the exclusive, member-only Club by Leonard Fournette to invite his most loyal fans into his inner circle!

What will you get by being a part of LF7 Club?

- Once-in-a-lifetime experiences at his NFL games
- Paid-for trips to his NFL matches throughout the world
- Personal interaction opportunities - both virtual and IRL
- Exclusive weekly Fantasy Football league with cash prizes
- Token-gated behind-the-scenes content with PERSONAL recaps from Lenny and training tips
- Giveaways of game-used apparel

All members will be given an invitation to a private community with Leonard on November 3rd via email and on Bubblehouse.
For more info on LF7 Club, please visit: https://www.lf7club.com/
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Sep 14, 2022
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