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Spacegoods delivers powerful ROI of 4.3x on each customer that is referred through Bubblehouse
50% increased spend for customers who were referred
4.3x ROI on each referred customer
2000+ referrals sent
Health and Wellness
Shopify Plus, Skio

Spacegoods is a need generation wellness brand focusing on using mushrooms as a healthier and better alternative to coffee. Spacegoods is a subscription only company selling their mushroom dust supplement directly to the consumer.


As a growing brand in the supplements and health and wellness space, Spacegoods acknowledges that it is important to engage their existing customers to improve customer acquisition in a sustainable and low cost way. By having a great product, Spacegoods had amounted a large number of loyal customers, but were lacking a way to utilize their existing customers to drive growth. This was instrumental to ensure the long-term success for Spacegoods considering the growing cost of advertising in the industry.

Without guidance and tools that took their subscribed customers and gave them a way to refer their friends and family to try Spacegoods’ products, they were missing out on an entire segment of new customers. 

Additionally, Spacegoods did not have experience in building out loyalty related emails and embedding the necessary content into their existing email flows to maximize engagement and conversion from their existing customer base.


Main Takeaways

  • Bubblehouse and Spacegoods implemented a powerful referrals scheme coupled with redeemable points for their existing customers
  • Bubblehouse’s email marketing team helped the brand create an email marketing strategy around referrals to engage customers in the most effective way
  • Spacegoods found value in connecting referrals to Subscription Milestones and the points program to create more touchpoints with their existing customers

With the help of Bubblehouse, Spacegoods was able to build a sophisticated referrals program to increase customer acquisition driven by their existing customers. By rewarding customers for referring their friends and family to their site, Spacegoods built a powerful alliance of current subscribers who act as brand ambassadors from the brand. 

Through an intuitive customer experience and powerful email marketing communication through Klaviyo, after 5 months of the program being live, more than 11% of Space Good’s active subscribers have sent out referrals to their friends and family, which is providing a strong additional customer acquisition channel for the brand. 

Bubblehouse and Spacegoods strengthened their partnership through incorporating Subscription Milestones to continuously reward their customers for maintaining an active subscription and by implementing a points earning and redemption mechanism to help customers earn more for every order and every successful referral that they send out. 


Main Takeaways

  • 11% of subscribers have sent at least one referrals with a conversion rate of over 17%
  • Customers who were referred by another Spacegoods subscriber spend on average 50% more than customers who came in through other customer acquisition channels
  • Spacegoods is seeing a 4.3x ROI on each customer who was successfully referred to their eCommerce store

Since implementing a loyalty and referrals program with Bubblehouse, referrals has become a powerful customer acquisition channel for Spacegoods with over 2000 referrals sent out by existing customers with a 17% conversion rate. Currently, successfully referred customers make up around 4% of their total active subscribers after only 5 months of the program being live on the online store. 

This new powerful customer acquisition channel can be attributed to a very straightforward customer journey and a clear standalone referrals page implemented by Bubblehouse, which seamlessly integrates into the branding and style of the Spacegoods brand. The wide selection of social media sharing options for referrals was also instrumental in the success of Spacegoods’ referral offering and contributed to 42% of the successful referrals.

With a strong referrals program that is tied into other loyalty program aspects for subscribers, customers who were referred by other Spacegoods subscribers spend 50% more than customers acquired by other means. The redemption figure on points also shows a strong impact on revenue for Spacegoods with customers who have redeemed points spending on average 4x more than customers who have not redeemed points. 

An expertly led referrals strategy implemented by Bubblehouse allows for customer acquisition through referrals to be very profitable for Spacegoods. The ROI on each customer who was brought in through a successful referral is 4.3x meaning that the strategy that has been set up allows for referral to continuously bring in additional revenue for Spacegoods.

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