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Bubblehouse is the leading loyalty solution for brands and online stores.

Madrinas drives 36% higher average revenue per customer using loyalty within two months of launch
higher average revenue for those who engaged with loyalty
average purchases per engaged customer vs 1.1x for non engaged
higher reviews rate for those engaged with loyalty
Food & Beverage
Advanced Shopify, Klaviyo, Judge.me, Recharge, Gorgias

Madrinas is a premium online specialty coffee brand with all-natural ingredients. From instant coffee brews, to fruit fuelers, to whole bean coffees, Madrinas leverages the boundless internet to bring the best specialty coffee from your fingertips to your door.


As a growing brand, Madrinas was previously on Smile.io which provided a basic loyalty experience in a widget format on site. However, the features on Smile were limited, customers found it hard to navigate, and it wasn’t getting the prominence and attention it needed to drive the levels of retention and existing customer revenue that Madrinas wanted. Smile worked for starting out, but now they needed to graduate to a more sophisticated and effective program for the scale that they were at.

"Bubble House is the innovative loyalty program we were looking for. They have always been super responsive and quick to implement our feedback. Having a fully built out loyalty program has been a game changer!"
Morgan L., eCommerce Manager

That’s when they met with Bubblehouse, and Bubblehouse was able to expand their capabilities beyond what Smile could offer, aligning with what Madrinas needed to fuel this new phase of their growth. To start, Bubblehouse provided a full landing page rewards experience customized with Madrinas’ branding, upgraded from a cookie cutter widget experience with limited screen real estate.

Bubblehouse also expanded the capabilities of Madrinas’ loyalty offering. Key points included:

  • Points could now be redeemed using a slider at any amount to boost redemptions rates and additional purchases
  • Points could be used to redeem exclusive free products 
  • Madrinas set up a tiering system with creative tier names and benefits (GONE MAD, MAD LOYAL, MAD LEGEND) with benefits including points multipliers, birthday points, reviews points multipliers, early access to new products, and more
  • The ability to earn points through following on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter / X, writing a review, signing up for SMS, among more
  • Rewarding customers with points for voting on useful questions related to their coffee consumption
  • An effective referrals program to decrease CAC and incentivize new customer growth

All this, laid out with Madrinas’ premium branding on a full landing page for customers to interact with. Besides the landing page, Bubblehouse provided loyalty touchpoints throughout the customer journey including:

  • Seeing the number of points and rewards credit directly in the accounts page
  • Email marketing touchpoints about points reminders, birthday emails, welcome to loyalty series, new tier unlocked + benefits unlocked emails, and more

Main Takeaways

  • Bubblehouse and Madrinas implemented a powerful loyalty program that drove 36% higher average revenue per customer
  • Customers that engaged with Madrinas’ loyalty had a 20x likelihood of leaving a review compared to customers who didn’t
  • Within 2 months, Madrinas collected 15.4% of all customers’ birthdays and 10.5% of all customers’ SMS numbers

With the loyalty upgrade, the results were clear for Madrinas. The average revenue per customer engaged with loyalty was 36% higher than those without, driving much higher ROI on rewards than Smile was previously.

Similarly, customers who engaged with loyalty were purchasing more than 30% more than customers who were not engaging with loyalty, and were leaving 20x more reviews as well. This shows the benefits of driving customers to engage and utilize loyalty were massive, and Madrinas was taking full advantage of it to boost their repeat customer revenue.

Through the upgraded loyalty page experience, Madrinas also managed collect valuable first party data from their customers. Within 2 months, Madrinas had collected 15.4% of all customers’ birthdays and 10.5% of all customers’ SMS numbers, enabling to gift birthday points and drive customers back to convert on their birthdays, and to retarget them via SMS promotions as well. This was all enabled via a seamless loyalty experience that is customer friendly and seamlessly part of Madrinas’ customer journey.

Especially at a time when acquiring new customers was more expensive than ever, combined with increasing competition online, getting the most value our of your existing customers comes from giving them value via loyalty and rewards as well. Madrinas and Bubblehouse created the playbook to make sure their customers weren’t going anywhere else and were fully involved in the Madrinas brand from repeat purchases to brand engagement to referrals.

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